Documentation for Email Log

Getting Started

Email Log plugin (and add-ons) are very easy to install and need very little setup.

For instructions on how to install the plugin, please consult the Installation Guide.

To know more about how Email Log plugin works and how you can view the logged emails, checkout the following getting started guides.

Buying and installing Add-ons

We have various add-ons that add powerful new features and capabilities to the add-on. You can buy the add-ons from the store.

You can buy the add-ons individually (à la carte) or all of them in a bundle, which will give you huge savings.

After you have purchased the add-ons you can follow the below instructions to activate the license and install the add-ons.

Once you have activated the license using the above instructions (either individual or bundle license) you will be able to download the copy of the add-on zip file.

After that follow the add-on installation instructions to upload the add-on zip file and install them. Now you are all set to use the add-ons. When ever there is an update to the add-on you will be able to automatically update it from WordPress admin itself using WordPress updates.

Add-on Documentation

You can find the documentation for the various add-ons below.

Managing License

All your purchases and order history are available in the accounts section of the site.

These instructions explain how you can manage your license.

Developer API

Email Log plugin has a set of developer api’s, which allows you to customize the plugin or create your own add-on.

If you want us to add a new filter or action, then send us a pull request to the plugin’s github repo.


Having problems with something? Visit the FAQs. If you don’t find your answer there, contact us.