Upgrade To Bundle From Your Existing Add-on License

Did you purchase an add-on and later, realized that you should have purchased a bundle, so you can save on purchase cost? Do not worry, we got you covered.

You can upgrade to your desired add-on bundles from your existing add-on license, just by paying the pro-rated difference.

In order to upgrade from your existing add-on license,

  • Login to https://wpemaillog.com/account/
  • Click on the Account menu
  • The Account page will list all of your existing orders. Click the “View Licenses” link of the Order which you desire to upgrade.
  • Now click on “View Upgrades”. This will list all the Upgrade options that you’re eligible, along with the price calculated at pro-rated basis (you only pay the difference between the bundles).
  • You can choose the upgrade from the list and complete the upgrade by making the payment.