Log and view all outgoing emails from WordPress

Debug all email related problems easily by viewing all outgoing emails sent from WordPress using Email Log plugin.

Email Log is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily log and view all emails sent from WordPress. This would be very useful for debugging email related problems in your WordPress site or for storing sent emails for auditing purposes.

You can perform advanced actions like re-sending email, automatically forwarding emails or export logs with our premium plugins.

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Great pluginNicely executed plugin, does what you need cleanly and efficiently. It’s on my recommended list.

Well written plugin, excellentVery nice tool. Plugin does exactly what it needs to go in an elegant way.

The plugin is a perfect tool to control the sending of emails. Installation is simple and it works perfectly!I use the latest version of WP 4.3.1 – My site is in https – I use the plugin for several months and I no problems.

Thank you for development.

This plugin is essential for anyone who wants to check that emails are being sent out from their site. I have also bought the Add More Fields add-on, and it works really well too.Both plugins are backed up by excellent support from the developer.


This is fantastic tool to make sure that you know WordPress is sending out mail. This also gives visibility into if your WordPress has been compromised by spammers/hackers or WordPress sending out unnecessary e-mails to your user, thus giving your site a bad name. The new feature e-mail addon also allows your to be TO, CC and BCC into the e-mail this way you can ensure you can use an independent e-mail address is receiving the same mail your user is. This plugin totally rocks and shows what WordPress has lacked for so long. Great vision by the plugin author! Many thanks!

It works as expected, and it’s so useful for me to control if the correct emails were sent to my customers on my e-commerce site.

Awesome. Helps me debug!5 stars for a great tool right here..

Solves a distinct problem and solves it well.We used this plugin along with the ‘More Fields’ add-on to help troubleshoot an email issue a client had. It worked very well and would definitely recommend it!

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